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The FAA Is Clear... NORAD Was Under Cheney's Command... 

I got much of what I'm about to tell you from
Paul Thompson's Timeline, and From The Wilderness, much of it, I am typing or paraphrasing directly from Mike Ruppert's book, "Crossing The Rubicon." I'll link up other material as I post it. I also got a lot of info from Richard Clarks' book, "Against All Enemies." And don't forget these tapes: From Vanity Fair (Brand new at the time of this posting, and turn out to be lacking and biased, sadly)

-- On June 01, 2001, the Roles Regarding Possible Hijacked Airplanes changed from a system that worked nearly flawlessly, to this: New Rules. The major difference in the Regs, is that the June 01, 2001 change states that only the SecDef (Rumsfeld) can authorize a Fighter Jet Scramble. Rummy was having breakfast with Wolfowitz that morning...

-- The morning of Sept. 11th, there were no less than three Military Traning Excercises (Tx) going on concurrently. Those known pubiblically are Northern Vigilence, Northern Guardian, and Vigilent Guardian. There seems to be another named, Vigilent Warrior (in Richard Clark's book, "Against All Enemies"). One of them Vigilent Guardian (see www.memoryhole.org for details ), involved a hijacked airplane crashing into the NRO (National Reconniasance Office) building. One of them involved multiple hijackings, and a third Tx, the largest of them, involved a Russian bomber attack coming over the North Pole. Most of our Air Force, and other Military Air Assets were involved in that one, pulling fighter aircraft away from the East Coast..

-- For the other two, Phantom "Injects" were inserted into FAA radar monitors to denote targets for the excercises being run.

From FTW: "When asked who was responsible for coordinating the multiple war games running on the morning of September 11, 2001, General Ralph E. Eberhart, the man in charge of NORAD on the morning in question replied, 'No Comment.'"

-- Richard Clark reports in his book, "Against All Enemies," (p.1) that he ordered phone bridges opened with all major Agencies, ("especially the FAA") at 9:03. But, the FAA, and the DDO of the NMCC report that they both ordered phone bridges (This is the great communications network connecting everyone in the event of an emergency) by 8:25, shortly after the several first planes were confirmed as hijacks. Clark's book confirms that the phone bridges were up and running before he got into the PEOC-- he was still in the car en route at 9:03am. We see and hear in the "Vanity Fair" tapes, that Boston Center (ATC Center), that they alerted NORAD IMMEDIATELY (8:37:52am) once they knew that they had confirmed hijacks. The confusion at NORAD is obvious "POWELL: Is this real-world or exercise?" Boston Center, and all of the ATCs involved seemed to be acting in accordence with the pre-01JUN01 rules to get the job done.

-- FAA reported to Tom Flocco that all Agencies (including, and especially the FAA) were fully online with the Phone Bridges by 8:45am ET latest...

-- Richard Clark tells us a lot about the PEOC... The Secret Service has ALL of the same radar, and INTEL services, devices, everything, that the FAA and NORAD has. THEY knew in the White House PEOC, what the FAA and NORAD knew-- IN REAL TIME... They DID NOT NEED FAA OR NORAD in the loop to know what was going on. Cheney knew what was happening as soon as, if not before, he got down to the PEOC (Presidential Emergency Operations Center-- the subterranean Command bunker), via the Secret Service, who hustled him, physically by the arms, down to the PEOC. Clark's accounts of the events of 9/11 confirm the SS's Real-Time radar capabilities. This is confirmed in accounts in the Kean Commission reports, but, for reasons unknown, not followed-upon. Because the FAA's authority to order Military intercepts was over-ruled on 01JUN01, and that authority was relegated to the SecDef, and since the SS knew what was happening in real-time, why didn't the SS notify him? As President Bush was distracted with reading "My Pet Goat" to some kids in Sarasota, Vice-President Dick Cheney was in charge-- why didn't HE alert Rummy of the events at had? Cheney SHOULD have POUNDED Rummy with message traffic as soon as it was available. Cheney had authority to over-rule the Chain-of-Command Regs... Why didn't he issue immediate intercept orders?

-- Every entity puts Dick Cheney at the heart of every operation on the morning of 11sep. he was THE MAESTRO OF ALL ALL OF THE Tx'S THAT MORNING... No wonder Gen. Eberhart refued to answer that question, above. Surpise, Surprise... He was the ACTUAL MAESTRO for all of the attacks that day... Rummy was breakfasting with Wolfowittz.. Alibi... George was reading "My Pet Goat," Alibis "R" Us... Cheney and Condi and Clark were KNOWN to be in the PEOC that morning... They are ALLL complicit... No matter WHAT you think of Clark's book.

-- Navy CAPT. Charles Leidig Jr., was asked by Brig. Gen. Winfield to relieve him, and stand duty for a while, DDO of the NMCC at 8:30am 11SEP01-- National Military Command Center, which is directly connected to the White House. Shortly after assuming the watch, he got word, from the FAA (via Ed Ballinger-- ATC Boston Center, et al.) of hijacks. He immediately opened Phone Bridges to the White House and all Agencies involved... He got the head-up from the FAA... Would he have NOT included and activated the FAA comm. link? This account DOES lend credence to Clark's account of the Phone Bridges having already activated by the time he got down to the POEC.

-- ATC Ballinger issued over 122 email and FLASH MESSAGE orders before the last flight hit the Pentagon... The SS KNEW about all of this, as he was directly in Communication Bridge with them, as a first responder under the new, and old FAA regs.

-- NORAD contends that FAA alerts became increasingly slow, but we already know that the SS had real-time access to every bit of data that the FAA had... If FAA communications slowed, they STILL had access to all available and necessary data. It is clear that the SS, under Dick Cheney, was the bottleneck of info-flow... where were they? Why was the data delayed? VP Cheney was in in the PEOM with all authority. The PEOM constricted the data flow... Cheney was the only person who could order such delays and communications. The PEOM, under Dick Cheney, prevented Fighter intercepts with the aircraft that hit the WTC North tower, and the Pentagon on Sept. 11th, 2001. Cheney was the person in charge of the entire operation, as George was too busy reading "My Pet Goat" with a bunch of schoolkids to be bothered with taking command of the situation.

-- Ari Fleischer held up a pad of paper to George, which read, "Say Nothing Right Now."

-- Regardless of what NORAD says, regardless of what the FAA officials said in the Kean Report, the reality is that the Secret Service knew EVERYTHING that the FAA knew in real-time. This makes anything the FAA reported obsolete. WHY didn't Cheney's-- The WHITE HOUSE-- Secret Service report everything that they knew was happening in real-time? They had a duty... But, their Chain-Of-Command is extremely limited in the White House... In this case, on this day, it was only the VPOTUS.

--My contentention is that the SS DID report everything, but, Dick Cheney decided to ignore much of it to allow the various attacks to happen, as per the "Project For A New American Century" report called, Strengthing America's Defenses,see REAL page 51, column 1 para 1... “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long time, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event-- like a new Pearl Harbor.”

-- At 9:24am, NORAD, having been alerted by the FAA that Flight 77 was a hijack, orders a scramble of jets to intercept... too late... Planes have been hovering, and searching for (ghost) targets for over a half-hour-- well within top-speed range of stopping the Pentagon attack at 9:38am.

-- The "Phantom Injects" weren't totally removed until at least 9:38am.

-- My final stance, although I probably left out plenty of small details above, which I honestly do not have the time to type here (I'm a LOUSY SLOW typist folks...), is that the FAA acted admirably, and in accordance to the PRE-June 01, 2001 Directives, in hopes that the messages would get through, and passed any COC (Chain Of Command) bottlenecks. That the Secret Service knew what the FAA knew regardless of communications issues, that NORAD was under control of the "Military Chain Of Command." As the SecDef was in a breakfast with Wolfowitz, and the President was busy reading "My Pet Goat" with a bunch of kids, Cheney was head of the "National Military Chain Of Command. (NMCC)" Cheney either deliberately confused NORAD, or directly ordered NORAD to "Stand Down," and ignored the FAA's repeated warnings, which started as soon as it was confirmed that flight 11 had turned off its transponder, and was an assumed hijack-- before 8:30am.

--Cheney allowed the "phantom inserts" that were a part of the military Tx's that day to stay on FAA radars until the Pentagon attack was in terminal approach.

I contend that Vice President Dick "dick" Cheney is the ONE MAN responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths on 11SEP01.

Dick Cheney is a killer.

Dick Cheney allowed the murder of nearly 3,000 men and women on 11SEP01 while he was in command of the PEOC that day. It wasn't an accident, he was following the PNAC script, having gotten the word that AlQuaida knew that all of these Tx's were going to happen by 06AUG01-- via the PDB, allowing them cover. Cheney wanted the attacks to happen, as per the PNAC brief... OPPORTUNITY.

-- Knowing that AQ intercepted, and knew about the Tx's, Cheney (as head of Bush's "Anti-Terror" National Preparedness Office-- which NEVER "officially" met (phone calls would work just fine) had worked out the DAY SCRIPT. He had George go to Sarasota as an alibi, had Rummy and Wolfowitz get together for a very important breakfast, and put himself in control. Condi was kept out of the loop in the planning, but was kept near to hand in the PEOC on THE DAY.

-- I believe that, because of knowledge of AQ's interceptions of the Tx's, Dick was given time to set up demolition crews to make sure that the WTC towers, and WTC 7 fell inside their footprints. The crews were given short notice, and so needed to use the metal-cutting chemical ordinance available... Thermate... Thermite, with sulfur added. Thermite cord is used my the Military to blow doors, and locks. This provided more rapid heat and melting of the steel supports in all of the towers, and WTC 7. The bundles of Thermate cords could have been easily premade and installed in short time. The South Tower's floors 48 up were closed for a 36 hour period, in the days prior to the attacks. Link to interview. We don't know if a similar outage happened in the North Tower, no one who worked there has said anything, but, we DO know that WTC was a ”Pull”, as WTC Owner, Silverstein told it plainly to PBS. It would have taken an entire Spec-Op team, or more than one, but, it could have been done... just wrap the pre-made chords around the beam, and off to the next; and not every floor would have needed to have been wired--- physics says that every few and only a certain few pilings would have needed to have been targeted.

I contend that Cheney master-minded the events of 9/11, and allowed the actions to play out as they did. As the towers burned, the Thermate cords he had had planted in advance were detonated, starting the In-Footprint collapses, and explaining the publically acknowledged "PULL" of WTC 7.

WTC 7 was the OEM for NYC. FEMA was a major player there, days before, SS personnel had been active there days before-- why? We don't know, but there was ample reason to bring down WTC 7. Tripod II, a FEMA Tx about biological warfare was scheduled to occur on 11SEP01, coincidentally-- placing FEMA in NYC early... The SS was also pre-placed, and given access to the NYCOEM in advance of Tripod II...

Guiliani told the Kean Commission that "Yes, The Port Authorithority DID have, and I'm sure continued to have, direct communication with the OEM, and frequent communication with the OEM.

Later, in Guliani's testimony with the Keane Commission, He said that the OEM had direct contact with FEMA (a part of the Communications Bridge) and the PEOC... There is no way that Cheney was unaware of everything that was happening, in real-time that day...

Cheney is a killer.

The Bush Administration is lying their asses of, they KNEW, they decided against action, and allowed all of the attacks on 9/11.

They continue to use those attacks for political gain, and continue to reap the benefits from the media, and punditry, and Right-Wing operatives.

Cheney, Bush, Condi, and Rummy are guilty of very serious crimes, and they need to be hauled to Justice-- REAL JUSTICE... Where? I don't know, as George unsigned us from the ICJ prior to the events of Sept. 11th, and I believe he did that for a reason. This reason. Why else would he have done that in peacetime? Our troops in Iraq and Cuba are now reaping the sad benefits of that decision, but, really, why would George have done that unless he knew this shit was going to go down.

Read the Paul Thompson Timeline, and please buy and read Mike Ruppert's "Crossing The Rubicon," they lay the issues out as simply and as credibly and are as well-researched as it gets. I think you will only be able to come to the same comclusion as I have...

The FAA acted as they should. The Units under Military Command, were under Cheney's command, and did as ordered...

Dick Cheney is a Killer.


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