Monday, December 18, 2006

The First Annual, Coveted, Golden Monkeyfist Awards... 

Given to those whom, I think, are simply kickass; who do great work under wildly extreme conditions, and are not supported by some filthy rich Liberal Institution; but rather WORK THEIR ASSES OFF out of their own pocket, and on their own time to bring their readers incredible and worthy news. These bloggers did not reach their place by being rich, snotty, well-connected, insider, Industry Kidz... They've each and every one of them, EARNED their place in the Blogosphere through hard work, and tenacity.

As the image depicts, over this year, you've managed to catch the Flying Monkey Right by the throat, and stop them in their flight. One way or another.

Blah3.com-- The Rodney Dangerfield Award, for doing AMAZING work every day, and for their efforts in getting John Hall elected, but never getting noticed... More Flash stuff, maybe... My family, and yes, I am biased... Blah3 is a prodigiously hard-working and great team blog, and they are certainly worthy of more visibility.

Scrutiny Hooligans-- The Moraine Award, for their OUTSTANDING work in pushing Heath Shuler to victory in North Carolina, and getting Zero notice... I saw it, fellas... You kicked ass.

Dohiyi Mir-- The Pack Award-- For garnering and photographing the most beautiful family of animals in the Blogosphere and taking amazingly good care of them. And for keeping us apace of The Only Poll that Matters(tm)-- Every Day. (I'd call it the Ass-Pack Award, but, somehow, I think that that'd be wrong...)

Corrente Wire-- The Skyscraper Award-- The Mighty Corrente Building houses some of the finest bloggers in America, and I am proud to be your friend, folks.

Suburban Guerrilla-- The Polaris Award-- For Staying True, and Right, and NEVER erring from her mission to bring the TRUTH to America. Suzie-- YOU will get a GREAT job in Journalism this year. You positively deserve it.

Rising Hegemon and Dependable Renegade-- The (faux)Golden Photo Urinal Award-- Highly coveted, this Award... Given for the best, snarkarific use and captioning of actual Photo Jounalists' pictures... You two are hands-down, the Great White Snarks of Photo Urinalism!

Maru of WTF Is It Now???-- The Silver Sailor's Tongue Award (with double barb cluster)-- Given for the best Bastardization of MSM Reportage, cutting through the crap, and bringing the highest level of Populist Realism and Truth to the Intertubes... Bitches... And the illustrative pics are always perrrrrrfect.

First Draft-- Multiple Awards to First Draft: To Scout Prime: The Delta Prime Award, for keeping New Orleans' reality at the forefront of the collective mind of America, and making a real difference to thousands of our fellow Citizens. To Holden: The Obsession Award-- For keeping us appraised of what is happening in the White House Press Room. To Athenae: The Starbuck Award-- For saying EXACTLY what needs to be said every time you get pissed.

the crew at skippy the bush kangaroo-- the golden uncapitalized didjeridu award-- for your collective harmony in bringing blogtopia (yyctp!) some of the best news coverage day after day. thank you for your constant support.

One Good Move-- The Venerated Pope A Rope Award-- For bringing us the realities of Rising Theocracy in America in as entertaining a way as possible... As well as a whole lot of other great video.

Excuse The Mess... That Was My Brain-- The Zombie Food Award-- For keeping the Zombies fed, and speaking the Truth from her point of view in Southern California. BRAAAIIINS!!! Great blogging, Shayera!

Avedon's Sideshow-- The Sterling D-Cup Award-- For Fabulous reportage from across the Pond with impeccable grammar, and for bringing us the ever-stylish, Bra Of the Week... Who knew the variety?

Cryptome-- The Spook Award... Ya'll don't see this Award... Cryptome doesn't exist, ya'll... ssssshhhhhhhh... But, you'll learn an awful lot if you click on that link (which doesn't exist...) on a regular basis.

Today In Iraq and Main And Central-- The Bravo Zulu-- For wading in, every day, and bringing us the truth and the real news about our Troops trapped in George's Glorious Adventures Abroad... I don't know how you all can do it... I salute you all for your efforts.

Congratulations one and all! Thank you for keeping me so well-informed throughout this year, and the many years past. I sincerely hope that this coming year will see broader visibility, and success for each and every one of you! (except for cryptome... ssshhhhh... that place doesn't exist... but, they are incredible in their non-existence)

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