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The 2007 Golden Monkeyfist Awards... 


The big awards are here, and I am ever humbled by the incredible lot of excellent consonant-level, unsung, Progressive blogs out there. I honestly wish that I had time for more awards, but, we all have real jobs, and only so much time in a day to read new blogs.

That said, I am always in search of new blogs to read, and I hope that this year's Golden Monkeyfist Awards Winners will send me their top ten favorite small blogs lists to get me started for the 2008 Golden Monkeyfist Awards. As a result of simply being winners, you'll definitely send me your top three.

Why these awards are given:

These awards are given to recognize smaller, unsung bloggers who are giving there all to stop the lies of the Right Wing Machine-- thus the graphic of the fist choking the Flying "Morans!" Monkey in mid-flight. These people are DOING IT-- Locally, on a small scale, within their communities, no budget, and one-on-one. And they are succeeding. This is my way of recognizing them, and their efforts. For every awarded person, I am sure that there are thousands more yet unsung. To them I can only say that I hope your time will come. Let me know of you.

OK. Before we get down to the dealing out of tasty awards, I MUST take this moment to admonish the winners of these awards to take some time out of their lives to recommend ONE blogger for the Ultimate "Au Peer" Award. This is an INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT AWARD, as it comes from YOU AWARD Winners... It's a "Best of The Best" Award.

The way it works is like this:

You'll be getting your "YOU WON" emails soon enough. In that email, I'll ask you for your top three best SMALL BLOGGERS, and give you instructions on where to open up discussion. We'll open up a group discussion in a comments link here, at my place, and we'll vote on your favorite and best small, consonant-level blogger amongst you. The concept of the "Au Peer" is stupid, really, just a bastardization of Au Pair, but, in this context, the Award means the best chosen from the best of this year, and to that one recipient, it will surely mean an awful lot.

I IMPLORE YOU (y'all, that's ALLCAPS, BOLD, Italicized... Screaming Business, everyone!) to help make a fellow unsung blogger happy. The "Au Peer" Award will be posted on New Year's Eve, and so I hope you will get hopping on winnowing down your best three small bloggers to make happy, and set aside some time to discuss this award, as your input is VITAL. It is only once per year that I EVER expect such vigorous discussion as one might find at Eschaton's Comments, and this one time is surely worth it.

With all that ONUS upon you, I humbly present...


The Silver Sailor's Tongue Award (with double barb cluster) – To Undeniable Liberal, of WTF Is It Now? for This Post especially, wherein he describes Ann Colter 's scent as "throwing a hot dog down a hallway that reeks like the dumpster behind Red Lobster on a hot, August afternoon." That is poetic-- but also for a multitude of other excellently wicked posts throughout the year. Maru schools her Padawan well.

The Eloquent Shiva--
To Mahablog. Barbara is a true Master of the Journalistic word. Her posts are concise, powerful, meaningful, and if we lived in a Cartoon-land, would surely rain destruction on the Cesspool-Creators of the Right-Wing. Thank you for keeping me grounded, Barb.

The Silver Shiv Award-- To Arthur Silber for sinking the knife in exactly where it needs to go every time.

The Bravo Zulu-- To The Command Post. The Commander of the Command Post is an old friend, Carbon Date. CD is a highly-decorated, well-sung hero of the non-commissioned officer corps of the US Air Force, who has not only gone and done what this Nation, and this Administration has asked him to go and do, he's volunteered for more, and all the while, he has never lost track of who he is, and what is right in this world of ours. I think that I can speak for Jo Fish, Bulldog, Barn Dog, and the rest of my fellow Progressive Military Bloggers in saying “Bravo Zulu,” good friend. Bravo Zulu is the Navy phrase for “Job Well Done.”

The Bolivar Award (with Populist Cluster)-- To Down With Tyranny for constantly taking the exactly-right stand on every issue to come up, digging deep, delivering excellent in-depth analysis, and clearly stating the view of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

The Mighty Quill Award-- To The Newshoggers, for proving that the pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword. Cernig's team of news-gathers are a required stop in any blogger's daily trip through Blogtopia (y!sctp!). The Newshoggers deliver superb reportage of any given days events. A special mention to Fester, who's Financial posts are truly a mark above.

The Mighty Sparrow Award-- To Pax Americana. This Award's name comes from an old Paul Weller song, a portion of the lyrics read: “All righteousness did build thy arrow/ To shoot it straight into their lies/ Who would expect the mighty sparrow/ Could rid our world of all their kind? “ I am a tentative member of Pax Americana, and I'm supposed to be a contributer there, but, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to log in to post, and Ntodd hasn't re-sent me the instructions... Hopefully, this will jog him into helping me figure out how to post there. But, seriously-- Pax Americana is dedicated to PEACEFUL, NON-VIOLENT, actions of protest to bring about the end of this horrific war in Iraq, bourne of George W. Bush's stupidity and ego and Dick Cheney's greed. It must end NOW. Pax is one of the best vehicles toward ending this terrible mistake.

The Golden Volunteer Award (enriched with uteri power)-- To Tennessee Guerrilla Women, who have taught me more about this state in which I now (involuntarily) reside, than I ever really wanted to know. These women are POWERFUL, and absolutely righteous in their posts about the Tennessee and National Political situation. If you are stuck living in Tennessee, these women are who you need to read daily.

The Amber Brew (with excellent head) Award-- To Pygalgia for their regular posts, and analysis of events from their perch high-atop the not-quite Rocky Mountains. For their advice on homebrewing, and their love of the natural world around us. If the DC Village would only listen to these guys, the Country would be a vastly better place. Be peaceful, and may wealth, health, and success find you, fellas. Brothers to a man.

The Golden Brotherhood Bongload (with blonde hash globules)-- To Cannablog for putting up some of the most engaging videos, and Pro-Legal Marijuana posts in a single year-- even though many of those videos came from me... I love ya, and always drop in on you, Michael.

The Golden Respirator (with upgraded carbon filters)-- To Demeur for posting excellent reports on the environmental situation in America, as well as posts on the toxic results of Bush Policies, as well as for his excellent comments here and at Blah3.com. His concern for not only his own Community, but all the Nation is exemplary, and well noted.

The Delta Prime Award (with hopeful clusters)--
To Oyster of Your Right Hand Thief for continuing to report on the state of New Orleans and the Post-Katrina Gulf Coast-- even though the Corporate Media has written the region off. The truth that Oyster brings to online Media is invaluable, and indicting of the entire Mainstream Media, and this horrendous Administration. More power to you, Oyster.

The Jameson Award (with ever-full silver tap)-- To Whiskey Fire for fiery and invective-laced commentary on the media and politicians when such language was precisely called-for. There are few others who could deliver such wicked indictments on demand. For rising so immediately, and expertly to any occassion, we recognize and commend these wonderful drunken Micks. Long Life, to you, may the road rise with you, and may Blarney always smile upon you.

The Unsung Award--
To Survival Acres for constantly and consistently bring me the very best of news regarding the economic collapse of America. No one has been so diligent, and so thorough and even-handed. "Admin" has been taking my track in trying to be cautious, in the face of over-whelming evidence that events are rapidly coagulating to bring a very bad end to what we perceive as reality right now. Few want to hear the truth, but Admin doles out the Truth on a regular basis. It must be difficult on him. For that, I salute him. I strongly urge you all to read his blog daily.

And finally, but certainly not last....

The True Golden Monkeyfist-- To Blue Girl, Red State for most exemplifying the spirit of living in a state, in a district where there is no Democratic Representation. Blue Girl refuses to bend, refuses to yield, and keeps the ideals of America, Democracy, and the Human Spirit alive. This award has not been given out before, does not get given out lightly, and certainly not often. Reading BGRS over this past year has been very re-affirming to me-- stuck as I am in a similar situation. I consider BGRS to be my Sister-Site in spirit. Thank you for your warrior spirit, Blue Girl. Readers should bookmark her site, and read it regularly.

So, there you are-- the 2007 Golden Monkeyfist Awards. Congratulations to each and every one of you, and I sincerely hope that your recognition here brings more visits in the year to come.

UPDATE: For those tuning in late, The "AU Peer" Award Has Been Presented. Follow the link to find out who these fabulous Bloggers elected as the best among us.

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