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The 2008 Golden Monkeyfist Awards... 

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and the best of this Yule-Time Season to you!

It's been a very rough year of election battles, storms, floods, financial ruin, and nothing but bad news, wave after wave, but, here, at the end of the tunnel that is 2008, we can see some light...

The 2008 Golden Monkeyfist Awards are ready to be rolled out!

Since 2006, I have been recognizing, and rewarding the best of the small market bloggers, for their high-quality work in a wide variety of genres, blogging styles, and agendas. It's a tough set of awards to give, as there are so many of us, that one person cannot read all of them in one year. That said, I try and explore as many new blogs that I can every year, to keep seeking out the best.

Every blogger has a Posse, and I am certainly thankful for mine! You good folks keep me honest, and well, at least pretty darn humble! Out of the hundreds of blogs that I spent time with this year, these Bloggers really shined through. Thank you all for making a difference instead of turning away. Thank you for informing me, and so many others, so well. I wish you the very best for next year.

OK-- It's time for the SHOW!

We start with a time-honored, and revered tradition:

The Legendary, Coveted, and Oft Fought-Over Silver Sailor's Tongue Award-– To Ornery Bastard, who lives up to his name damned well. The scalawag. If your Mother ever knew... Bless yer Bones, Shipmate! Busted Knuckles has a fantastic way of getting his points across from Middle-America, and he sure as hell knows his shit.

The Franklin's Tower-- If you get confused, listen to The Alien Trucker. He'll set you straight, while the music plays.

The Mighty Quill Award-- Cabdrollery. Given for exceptional writing, analysis and action. Well done, Ruth and Diane!
--Thank you, and a Merry Christmas to Avedon Carol for making me aware of these two wonderful Bloggers.

The Delta Prime Award (with hopeful clusters)-- To New Orleans Ladder for keeping the tragedy of New Orleans and the Gulf awake in our hearts, minds, and deeds, while this sad excuse for an Administration boldly forgot.

The Mighty Sparrow Award-- goes to Nick Dupree. This award is always given to the littlest of little blogs, saying and doing the biggest and most. The name comes from an old Paul Weller song:
“All righteousness did build thy arrow
To shoot it straight into their lies
Who would expect the mighty sparrow
Could rid our world of all their kind? “

Nick has done so much for those of us with disabilities, particularly in Alabama, where Nick's Crusade changed Medicaid for the better. More power to ya, Nick!

The Hurricane Scream Award-- To Spocko's Brain and his mighty crew, for standing up and for shouting SANITY into the mouth of the Right-Wing Media Storm. This is a Lifetime Achievement Award, and I have nothing but the deepest respect for Spocko's Brain. It's my Vulcan fetish.

The Amber Wave-- To Outta The Cornfield for fine reportage-- from local/rural to national-- he does a super-fine job of getting environmental issues forward. I especially like his recent post on Coalbed Methane Extraction. Great work, as always, from One Fly.

The Golden Lunchbox--
To Cup O' Joe. I hope that this lunchbox will stay ever-full. Joe has been blogging for quite some time now, and hammers the beat on the Blue Collar side of life like no other. He's the working man's thinking man for a reason.

The Teh Graphique--
To Mock, Paper, Scissors. For Graphic Comedy above and beyond the call of duty... Plus some great recipes. Mock, Paper, Scissors has it all for a very fine daily stop. Tengrain's cooking skills are truly unsung, but, masterful.

The Bouquet Garnis (with Liberal Clusters of Roasted Garlic)--
To PolitiCook for their fantastic assortment of everything Food, Home, Progressive. From Fine Wines and Dining to Gardening, Canning, eating well in troubling times, and plenty of thought-provoking political and philosophical posts, this super-fine blog has it all. Discussions at the lizard lounge, nightly, are incredibly friendly, and usually revolve around food topics of the day, but, I never fail to learn something new there.*full disclosure: I blog there on occasion, but, truly, Kate, biscuit, Scotia, and the others have created a great place, worthy of higher notice.

Best New Soapbox-- To They Gave Us A Republic. BlueGirl, formerly of Blue Girl, Red State, has launched a new blog, with Warren Street, and others, that is very noteworthy. There is a lot of outstanding reportage in those daily posts. Their News Round-ups are particularly worth reading, and you can count on them every day, and night!

The Damned Good Blogohood Citizen Honorarium-- A TIE. To skippy the bush kangaroo, and Mike Finnigan for their consistent, and steady support of small-market bloggers. Skippy, himself, with his “Blog Amnesty” movement, has done so much to encourage a strong community. Long live Blogtopia!(ysctp) Mike's Blog Round-Up is a treasure chest of great small bloggers' at their best, ready to open, every day. Thank you both, for all that you do for those down the food chain.

I also want to recognize what a great resource we all have with The White Rose Society. Ben Burch archives dozens of Progressive radio shows every day. Free to stream. This is a resource truly worthy of support in these troubling times.

The very, very best of this marvelous season to everyone! Be well, be safe, be loved, and love.


And then start planning your garden!

UPDATE: I sent an email to each winner, please let me know if you did not receive one, and how to contact you-- for the rest of the fun!

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