Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another Flyover Report On BP's Gulf Oil Disaster By John Wathen... 

Dolphins and Sperm Whales caught in the oil. Horribly, horribly sad.

via BP Slick

And then there is this from the same source:

US Coast Guard issued a press release claiming that no covering of oiled beach was occurring. I sat in my motel room in Orange Beach and watched as multiple pieces of heavy equipment excavated sand and hauled it up the beach and used it to cover oiled sections of beach.

While contractors drove bulldozers, front end loaders, screening tractors and various kinds of equipment on beaches known for Turtle nesting.

I watched them from about 11:00 P.M 07/02/10 until about lunch the next day excavating the beach under cover of darkness. There was a stand of ponded water with oil and so called “Tar Balls” which was covered with sand from another area.

U. S. Coast Guard issued a press release stating that this is not happening. USCG uniformed men sat in ATV buggies and watched. I saw them and photographed them.

Why is our Coast Guard playing toady to BP? Are they nothing more than oil lackeys?

I am having difficulties understanding why Thad Allen, and BP's Executives deserve to live, let alone roam the world freely.

Bless you, John Wathen. Stay safe.

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